The Circus

The city of Bath is unusual for the number of people who choose to live in the heart of the city. They are drawn there by the unique architecture, the vibrant mix of culture and commerce and the easy access to the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

The Bath City Centre Action Group was formed by the three largest city centre residents associations

Circus Area Residents' Association (CARA), the Pulteney Estate Residents' Association (PERA) and TARA who between them represent some 1000 city centre residents had been working closely together on issues of common and decided to formalise that collaboration by creating the action group.

We meet regularly with Council leaders, elected members, officers, the Police and the business community to make them aware of the concerns of Bath City Centre residents and to try and ensure that they take residents into account when making decisions.

The City Centre Action Group is not a member of nor is it affiliated to any other organisation or residents group

Residents in the city centre share concerns about a number of key issues and in particular; the operation of the night time economy, the high levels of air pollution and poor enforcement of key laws and regulations

Pulteney Bridge

Bath and North East Somerset is a sizeable and largely rural local authority which stretches from the borders of Wiltshire to the suburbs of Bristol; there are no Parish Councils in urban areas and it is easy for those living in city wards to feel their interests are being neglected.

Bath Abbey

Residents' Associations speaking up for Bath City Centre